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Sinai-Grace Guild Community Development Corporation serves Northwest Detroit neighborhoods with integrity and respect. We work to strengthen the neighborhood connection between residents, businesses and institutions. We work together as stewards of our beautiful, walkable, vibrant, and hopeful neighborhoods. Residents are deeply valued and have genuine opportunities for healthy, financially secure, and rich lives.


Driven by our community residents, businesses, and leaders, Sinai-Grace Guild Community Development Corporation is committed to holistic and equitable revitalization toward a thriving, healthy, and sustainable Northwest Detroit.

Our History

For over 40 years, the Grace Guild of Sinai-Grace Hospital served patients and residents in Northwest Detroit. Under the leadership of Juanita Dickerson, the Guild worked to promote positive health outcomes in the community. In 2015, the hospital's leadership facilitated a community conversation about the revitalization of Northwest Detroit. The Guild responded by renaming the organization and focusing its efforts on community development.​

In December 2018, Lisa Campbell became the Executive Director of the Sinai-Grace Guild CDC. Her work reflects the Northwest Detroit Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Framework and continued conversations with community stakeholders to implement a shared vision. Lisa has now transitioned to a new position. Palencia Mobley, formerly vice-chair of the SGGCDC Board, is the current Interim Executive Director while we search for a new permanent Executive Director.

Meet the Team

Our Board

Our Sponsors

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